Lilith and the Veil

Black Moon Lilith or BML  ingress into the sign of Libra late on the 25th of August and she will remain there until May 20th 2016.

Libra is often associated with relationships. It is in the 7th sign of the zodiac that we finally step outside of ourselves to look around. In the first half of the zodiac starting with Aries we are shaped by immediate needs. As we progress, we become aware of the existence of others. The teenager grows into an adult and finds out that to be part of society, one must compromise, adjust and recalibrate his needs to meet with others.  The: I want! of Aries becomes the: What do you think? of Libra. The individual will meet others halfway and partnerships are formed. We start to understand ourselves through the feedback we receive and others  take on the role of a mirror.  Self is developed in connection to another.

Enters Lilith, Queen of the Night.

In astrology the Black Moon is calculated from several factors. The main factor being the lunar apogee or the spot where the Moon reaches its maximum distance from the Earth. (Please note that there are several different point used in astrology to identify Lilith but I am focused on BML  who is transiting in Libra until May 2016.)

Through history, Lilith has been depicted as a hostile creature, a devourer of children. First wife of Adam in The Alphabet of Ben Sira and a hostile demon according to The Zohar. Lilith was a foreign spirit, and intruder and charms were made to ward her off. Lilith was sometime depicted as a nocturnal seductress or spirit that steal man’s semen during the night to create her demon babies. (We can imagine where those myths came from).

Lilith Amulet to protect children

Some researched work from Jewish feminists urges us to re-examine Lilith’s depiction surrounding Lilith’s character as a demoness, claiming that it originated from the same source that satirically dealt with flatulence, incest, and masturbation. (2)

For centuries, Lilith cropped up in art and literature as the archetypal rebellious woman. Although her character changed over time, one thing that stayed the same was her hair, which is always described as long, unkempt and messy. This is significant because of the way that hair has long been tied to the history of gender roles and representations of women. (3)

In astrology, she is interpreted as the instinctual side that is often pushed to the darkest corners of our psyche as something too wild, too raw, too sexual, too angry and uncontrollable for society. Modern astrological interpretations of Lilith are connected to the expression of the long repression of female sexuality by the established patriarchy. So of course Lilith is angry.

Theda Bara

According to Juan Antonio Revilla, Black Moon Lilith takes hold of our emotions. It is a reactive point, never a point of integration. As such, it can cause strong identifications or very powerful projections of unconscious emotions which may not be recognized as such. His thoughts on it is that it always works at a reactive level.

“The Black Moon is an isolated point, a point of neglect, repression, fermentation, and “magical” transformations that belong to a phantasmal, nocturnal, and instinctive/erotic world. It contains all the more instinctual energies (including the atavistic wisdom and clairvoyance, which is dependent on bodily functions) deep within the psyche, of which sexuality is of course paramount, and which manifest themselves in fairy tales and in primitive lunar symbolism: the night, the mystery, the magic, the danger, the secret, the fear, that which is forbidden.”

Lilith, is often too much for the delicate hearts. A person with a strong Lilith signature awakens something dark and sexual or even violent in other people. They can represent what others try to hide. It can be related to sexuality and power or it can be the animal within, the instinctual side  that we repress so that we can function in society.  Hiding and wounded, our instinct lurks in the shadow waiting to be fed raw or primal experiences. The Lilith person disturbs because, like the animal, it doesn’t follow conventions and doesn’t try to get along (Libra), it just is. Which is not always great for networking. That is why, Lilith tends to be reclusive, staying away from the danger of getting tamed. The need to exercise freewill is stronger than the need to be included. She will not be controlled or managed into submission.

Lilith moving from the earth sign of Virgo to the air sign of Libra gives us a clue on how she might start showing up in the next 9 months. With Libra being an Air sign, anything will primarily pass through the scales of reason. Judging, weighing, the good and the bad and the way it should be, relationship will be the centerfold for the action but Libra is also associated with the justice system, cultures, the arts, diplomacy and fairness.


Because Lilith is a reactive point, she is not something that can be rationalised. That part of yourself/society  is experienced directly through the instinct. It cannot be thought through logically. Lilith doesn’t want to be defined and she doesn’t want to adhere to the social mores.  When compromising turns sour or when the hurt feelings festering in the dark start smelling too strong we are entering Lilith’s territory.  And with Lilith in Libra we are also in the realm of projections.

The New Moon in Libra of October 12

The New Moon in Libra this month is bringing with her a reset button.  A chance to take a diplomatic step forward and mend the broken ties.  Repair the damages that were done in the process of selfishly affirming our rights. Ultimately everybody wants to be understood.  But we want it on our own terms and that is where it gets complicated. We look for love, we want love and we want it when we want it. But seriously,  have you thought about how the other person/side might feel? (says Libra) Yes, but what about ME??? (says Aries)

There has to be a balance…

This New Moon in the sign of partnership is receiving a strong opposition from Uranus in Aries who quite frankly doesn’t give a  ****  about what you think. Plus the South Node of the Moon is still in Aries pulling us down the warrior path with an urge to rebel against anything that threatens our freedom. We might be tempted to demonstrate  how strong and independent we are. This has been a recurring theme. Knowing where you stand firmly, then taking a step forward. And this is also why I thought it was important to bring Black Moon Lilith into the equation of this New Moon since she is residing here, in Libra.

We might be oscillating between the need for approval and love from other people and the need to go our own way and lick our wounds. Between flexing our muscles and cuddling. We might be angry or we might be in love or we might be both. We might also be biased in our judgment of  what is just and what is moral. But one thing is certain we want our fair share of the goods and we want justice and peace. And people go to war for justice and peace.

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(1)Lilith Amulet:

(2)Lilith in The Alphabet of Ben Sirach:


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