Can you discriminate between omens and wishful thinking?
Between poison and medicine?
Delusion and honesty?
Between a ghost and your own shadow?
Do you know your boundaries?

Still from the film ”The Dance of Reality” by Jodorowski

Poem for Saturn & Lilith

Poem for when Saturn stations direct, conjunct Lilith and sextile Jupiter and the Moon

I believe in the reality of Nature

Not the mechanical reality
of the nine-to-fivers
With their flawed calendars
and false clocks
searching for eternal youth

Not the one that destroys
the true rhythms of Nature
and feed on the worship
of sickness and plastic

I believe in the reality of Nature
Where all things have their place
Perfectly in sync with each other;
every moments are filled with Gods
feasting on each other

From the time I opened my eyes
To the time of my last breath
I kneel down at the altar of Nature
and worship the only true rhythms
that regulates her perfection

Lilith speaks

I tossed and turned all night.

Seeing the Lilith glyph in my head. Making connections between charts, transits, people, events. Not awake, but not sleeping.  Something else.  My dad calls it working at the office. I call it Mercury-Pluto conjunction.  Obsessing over something until the insights get squeezed out.

Earlier yesterday, a friend that lives close to my house dropped by. I hadn’t seen him in a year or so.  He told me he just wanted to lay down on my couch and listen to me talk about his chart. His life is not going the way he wants to. He has a child, with a woman that he loves…loves to hate.  He is miserable.  He hates his life, he hates her. They are not together anymore. Friends with benefits, or maybe more like foes with benefits in this case.

I pulled out his chart.  Mars rising in Aquarius, Uranus on the Midheaven.  Make sense.  It’s impossible to put a word in without him cutting me off. I recognize myself. Fuck the world.

Venus conjunct Lilith in the 12th house. That’s harsh man.  Now I get it. His blind spot. Love to hate, love and hate in a beautifully wrapped little package. Aphrodite meets a whore, it’s fun…until it turns sour, than it’s real destructive. In love with chaos. Descent into the underworld through the medium of love. It could be a nice opportunity but one does not leave Hades realm without a few scars.

In love with something wild.

To get another clue, I look at his ex (the mother of his child) chart.  I had it from a few years back when she was still living around here. She is born with Lilith rising conjunct her Ascendant. You can’t make this up. So simple, so elegantly played out. This man is in love with Lilith what else can I tell him?

The symbols speak for themselves. They contain a whole world of experience and sensations.

A key that unlocks a door. It’s a delicate matter.

Life is mysterious

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