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The blood of love welled up in my heart with a slow pain.
-Sylvia Plath



For the last year Libra, you have been blessed by the transit of Jupiter in your sign. Of course, not everything was smooth sailing, but the planet most often associated with expansion and luck has been sitting in your sign since September 2016. You have benefited from opportunities to broaden your mind, and perhaps this has helped you open to new possibilities. It could also mean that this last year has seen you imbued with greater courage to step outside of your comfort zone physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In some shape and form, this last year has given you new pathways to explore and the courage to say YES more often. Jupiter will leave your sign on October 10th for a year-long transit in the sign of Scorpio. This means that you have 10 more days to give thanks to the guru planet. Find a moment to reflect on the positive advancements and opportunities of the last year. Gratitude and a flexible mind are the blessings of Jupiter; think about where you have benefited from adopting a positive attitude and what opportunities arose from saying yes more often.

Partnership will be a big theme in October and the obligations and commitments made to others are highlighted. The Full Moon in Aries on October 5th accentuates the dichotomy of your needs versus the needs of other people in your life which is so inherent to your sign. You could be in need of a more solid demonstration of love from a partner, or it could be that someone else requires this from you. Overall, the first week of October has a sobering effect and you will have to attend to the unpleasant details of a partnership while simultaneously craving ease and pleasure.

Venus, your ruling planet, moves into your sign on October 14 and this will help smooth out the hard edges.  However, October remains a dynamic period for Libras. The New Moon in your sign on October 19 will be opposed to the revolutionary planet Uranus. A New Moon is the beginning of a new cycle; a time when seeds are planted. This particular New Moon in Libra is your personal reset button. This is an opportunity to break free from old habitual patterns, especially the ones connected to partnerships. Something could be pushing you to radically change your course of action or discard what is stale in your life. Whether this is coming from you, or pushed upon you, remains to be seen but there are a few things you can do to maximize the insights and minimize the surprises. Air out your assumptions about relationships and be honest about what belongs to you and what is not your problem. Accept and recognize what is no longer working in your life and find pro-active solutions to remediate your discontent. Cultivate a state of honesty with yourself and others to ensure a solid foundation on which healthy relationships can flourish.


When I peer into your future Scorpio, I see a strong desire for regenerating adventures, and also more opportunities to do so. In order for you to tune in to the synchronicities that will help you establish new pathways, you must first clean the many assumptions cluttering your mind. Some of these assumptions could be connected to comfort, relationships and an uncontrollable desire to merge. I think you know what I am talking about. In the last year, you have slowly realized that your desire for intimacy locks you in a sort of self-defeating trance. Upon entering a relationship, part of you is on hold, on a shelf, and out of reach while you preoccupy yourself with the woes of your lover. This is quite admirable, but it is also becoming quite obvious that your happiness suffers as a result. Deconstructing your relationship patterns should serve you well this month. It won’t solve everything, but illuminating your relationship mechanics will help you control your impulses a little bit better. Remember that not everything is set in stone; see where you are adopting a fatalistic attitude that keeps you locked in. You have the power to dislodged these old rusty wheels and change your gears. The first step will be to connect with the uglier truth hiding behind your relationship habits. Half the battle will be to establish contact with your fears and to temper your impulses to merge.

On October 10, Jupiter, the planet of joy and abundance, moves into your waters for a whole year. Jupiter is closely linked to the ability of generating fortune and luck in our lives. This means that you have an entire year to change your attitude in regards to what you think you deserve. How deserving do you feel and what is your relationship to wealth? Cultivating an attitude of openness and gratitude is a well-known hack to multiply your blessings. What does gratitude and contentment mean to you? Can you see the bigger picture in your current limitations and extract the silver lining? Is there a way you can create more space for new opportunities to flow into your life? Don’t stress too much about getting it right all at once; you will have a whole year to play with these ideas. Being an optimist is a lot of work and it doesn’t necessarily come naturally to Scorpios, but this year will show you how.

The New Moon in Libra on October 19 invites you to air out your closet and make space for the new cycle of growth that is about to begin for you. Perhaps this involves letting go of burdensome responsibilities that are not yours to begin with. Be honest about self-defeating habits that are hampering your capacity to reach higher grounds. What aspects of your routine are you ready to let go of and what new practices are you ready to integrate? What does positive intensity mean to you? Can you find ways to feed your spirit the excitement that it craves without becoming self-destructive? Set your sights on mountain peeks.


After spending a whole year in the sign of Libra, your ruler Jupiter is about to move into the deep waters of Scorpio on October 11th. To better understand what this means for you and how it applies to your life, think about how much you have grown-up in regards to relating in the last year. Jupiter in Libra has been your mentor when it comes to smoothing out your relationships and teaching you how to be more diplomatic in your dealings. Reflect on the ways you have matured and grown when it comes to your interactions. Think about how far you have come in regards to commitments and your ability to fulfill your responsibilities in certain agreements. Now that you are better at the art of relating, Jupiter in Scorpio will serve to deepen your understanding in the mysteries of intimacy. Passion and hunger are a few words you will get acquainted with in the next year. Jupiter in Scorpio should help you get in touch with the ways you relate to power; your own but also the power dynamics that are woven behind most interactions. Sagittarius folks are known for their optimism, as well as their ability to see the big picture; you can usually glide through complex dilemmas with candid humor.

With your ruler moving into the sign of Scorpio you will be asked to get in touch with the more unpleasant sides of your nature and get familiar with your poisons. You have a whole year to do so; take your time. Working with poisons require careful dosage as too much all at once can be lethal so start with a small amount.  In order to pursue the important partnerships in your life, you will be asked to come clean about certain psychological hang-ups or addictions. Getting familiar with the monsters might seem like a big hassle, but this will unfold naturally. There is no need to ignore that process and it will get easier as you progress through the hidden corridors of your psyche. What unravels you will become your strength if you participate actively and honestly in the teasing out of your shadow.

The New Moon in Libra on October 19th should bring some recognition for your contributions in your community. You should start to see tangible results for the hard work you have done in the last few years. You can be proud of the considerable efforts it took to be where you are. Your dedication could bring you in a position of authority where you are asked to speak or teach what you know. Of course, with power comes great responsibility and this could also be part of the equation this month. I don’t think you need to shy away from those responsibilities as you are in a phase of your life where you can handle the work-load. People want your expertise more than ever, so get out there and show them what you are capable of doing.


The month of October begins with a Full Moon in Aries on the 5th, which illuminates your home base and your private domain. You could be itching to bring some much-needed changes to your living situation and this could mean renovating or relocating. If this is not a realistic goal for now, you could find pleasure in pursuing a small project or exploring a new subject. Step away from your routine and take the road less travel to find new inspiration.

Relationships will be a big theme for everyone this month; especially for you Capricorn. The astrology of October supports your collaborations and you should not shy away from teaming up with others. You could learn a lot from associating your talents with others; especially if this can give you tangible results. You might also find that some partnerships are requiring too much sacrifice. The burdens, responsibilities or demands of a partner could weigh heavy on your mind. The first part of the month will be spent sorting through your agreements with others to find a happy compromise. Do the work that is required to keep the peace; setting your boundaries where they are needed while staying flexible and receptive to what others are demanding from you. Power struggles are a possible especially in the second week of October. Watch for the areas of your life where tension is building up and defuse them before things get out of hand. A lot of the problems this month will come from setting unrealistic standards or being hyper-critical. Quality does not necessarily mean perfection; discriminate between what is possible and what might be out of reach for the moment. Combining your desire for excellence and your pragmatism will help you succeed.

Pleasure can be found in social events in the second half of the month. If you were thinking of joining a class, a club or participate more actively in your community, October should boost your confidence. Networking could bring interesting opportunities so jump on the invitations to do so. Take advantage of the current momentum to put yourself out there. The New Moon in Libra on October 19th is your cue to reset your stance in your work or career. You will need to find the delicate balance between your own projects and fulfilling your other obligations. Putting the extra effort needed to smooth out your partnerships will help you get what you want out of them. You might be surprised at the feedback you get from leaving your stoicism at the door, and for and communicating openly about your needs. Showing vulnerability is definitely not your strong point but speaking honestly will make others more receptive to what you are trying to convey. People will appreciate your integrity and your interactions should benefit from it. Overall, this time of the year is always a busy one for you and you should feel more inclined to go out and connect. Take advantage of October to put your diplomatic skills to work!


There has been a lot of changes in the air in the recent months for you, Aquarius, and some of those changes came out of left field. Of course, you have dealt with these changes like a master improvisator, and you have worked well with the curve balls that were thrown at you. Unforeseen circumstances have shifted your perspective, and you have been questioning or re-envisioning what it is that you want for yourself. It could be that the shoe does not fit anymore, or that the trajectory you were walking is not leading you where you thought you wanted to be. Something is shifting and that is totally ok. Let the chips fall where they may.

Partnerships of all kind have a big role to play in your current state of mind, and October will be no exception. Being involved with others always bring some form of complication, and sometime we have to ask ourselves if it is worth the trouble. The sign of Aquarius is known for being mostly rational, or at least cool-headed in emotional situations. Decisions are usually based in connection to your own personal projects, and rarely do you make drastic moves on behalf of other people that prefer a slow approach to commitments. The Full Moon in Aries on October 5th is highlighting the polarity between your immediate surroundings and the promises of something distant and exotic. This polarity could also have something to do with an important partnership, and you could feel divided between the requirements of your current living arrangement and the desire for something out of your reach. Either way you put it, you will have to sort out your commitments to others this month.

Much can come from staying receptive to what other people are asking from you. You might also be surprised at how much pleasure you will derive from your partnerships. Let go of the rigid expectations you have for yourself and your agenda, and be flexible to what someone is offering at this time.

The New Moon in Libra on the 19th is your cue to heed to the call of a distant siren. Combining travel and education could be a great way to do this but good planning will be essential. It could also be that a love interest is on the horizon, but not immediately realistic. You will most likely have to tie many loose ends and delegate some of your responsibilities before it’s all said and done. This New Moon in Libra is also prompting you to reflect on the state of your relationships and the way you handle them. The current Eclipse cycle on the Leo/Aquarius axis is subtly weaving your destiny with the destiny of others and these stories will continue well into 2018. This month will show you who are the players in this thread, and what requirements are needed to maintain these relationships going. Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.


The month of October begins with a Full Moon in Aries on the 5th, which illuminates the resources available to you right now. It could be that a compromise will be needed to be reached between what is yours and what belongs to someone else. You might also need to rely on other people more than you would like, and your need for independence will be aroused. You are in the midst of finding the right balance between your personal authority while fulfilling your duties within a partnership. Communication is key, so do not shy away from stating your needs and this will help both parties find a fair arrangement.

On the 10th, Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces, dives into the dark waters of Scorpio for just over a year. This will be significant for you since Jupiter not only serve as the traditional ruler of Pisces, but will also be forming a supportive trine to your sign. Jupiter is considered to be the great benefactor, and usually brings some form of expansion in our lives. I like to think of Jupiter as the Yes man/woman. One important thing to remember about Jupiter’s upcoming transit in Scorpio is that you will have to actively participate in your growth in order to benefit from its bounty. It won’t be enough to wait for Jupiter to shower you with blessings; new opportunities will present themselves when you venture out of your comfort zone. Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio this month signals the beginning of an exploratory phase for you. With your gaze on the horizon, set your sail for the open sea and be prepared to travel in uncharted territory. This territory could be literal, or it could also have to do with yourself and other people’s psychological landscapes. You will have plenty of opportunities to understand intimacy and the power behind your interactions this year and you will definitely not content yourself with superficialities. Don’t be surprise if you find yourself digging deeper, fascinated by what is hidden and mysterious.

The New Moon in Libra on the 19th is your checkpoint around the ongoing themes of fairness, compromise and the ability to find the right equilibrium between your personal needs versus exterior demands. It is time to negotiate your agreements and contracts with others although, a compromising attitude might not be easy to find; you might feel like everyone is out for themselves and you are probably right. Your ability to remain open and flexible while moving with the changes operating in your life is your winning strategy. A diplomatic stance will definitely get you further than a combative one, and you might not see the immediate results of a long negotiation process. Peaceful resolution will be found after each party is allowed more freedom. An agreement can be reached, but not before careful and patient deliberations. Keep that in mind while you navigate the month of October and you will be surprise at how much you can accomplish.


This summer was an exciting one for you my dear Aries. The last several months were filled with serendipitous encounters and many new things have come into your life. You can be proud of all of your accomplishments, your willingness to try new things, and to keep thriving, despite the roadblocks. Your ability to be receptive and open to change has a lot to do with your current blessings. Keep this in mind as we progress through the Fall and the light of the Sun decreases. A sharp pang of nostalgia could be hitting you as you reflect on your summer adventures and watch the days grow shorter.

The month of October begins with a big and bright Full Moon in your sign on the 5th. Your home, your family, your emotional life and your desire for comfort will all be aroused. Full Moons are often linked to a culminating period when things are reaching their full expression. Since this Full Moon is in your sign, this is a great time to reflect on what is culminating and what has reached a point of completion. What are you ready to let go in the next few months? What areas of your life are fully ripened and ready to harvest? Take a moment to savor your prowess and accomplishment so far in 2017 as you prepare to enter the second half of the year. Pay attention to the areas of your life that are asking for your full commitment and ask yourself if this is the direction you want to go.

In Astrology, the Moon is often linked to habits and the physical self. This Full Moon in your sign would be the perfect time to check-in with your body. How are you feeling? Do you feel full of energy or is your stamina lacking? If you are tired, what food or physical practices could increase your vitality and bring more fire into your body? Is there a habit you are ready to let go? These questions could be swirling around in your mind as the month begins; attend to the details that will help you set a good health regimen for yourself.

Much of October will be spent finding an equilibrium between the culmination of your projects, your need to find a revitalizing routine, and the demands of other people in your life. This balance might not be easy to find, so be patient with others, but especially be patient with yourself. Relationships of all kinds will require your attention. This is the time of the year when the recalibration of your needs versus the demands of the outside world is in full force. Agreements and partnerships which had worked until now will need adjustments. Collaborations and compromises are usually not your forte and you are known for being an independent and solitary trail blazer. However, you might have to put down your sword and temper your strong opinions this month if you want to keep the peace. Much can come from your associations with other creative souls; do not hesitate to collaborate and share your ideas. Furthering ourselves sometime means teaming up and much can get accomplish this month if you keep others included in your plans.


The month of October begins with a Full Moon in Aries on the 5th, which illuminates the darker corners of your closet. You might have to spend some time sorting out the clutter and dust off the shelves to see what is stored in there. Give yourself permission to retreat from your busy schedule and the demands of the outside world if you are feeling private. Your health could be on your mind and the quiet time will help you focus on the adjustments needed to find greater comfort in your body. If there are habits that are undermining your vitality, this Full Moon should help you zero-in on the issues. Don’t shy away from exploring the cause of your angst even though it would be more comfortable to ignore it. The processes which regulate some of your behavior will be more apparent this month and this should help dislodge old assumptions or blockages. A partner or a friend could be of great support in this process; do not hesitate when help is being offered to you. Be willing to trade services but also let others assist you and support you; the opportunity to heal, relax and rejuvenate could be coming through your connections.

On October 10th, Jupiter moves into Scorpio, which is the sign opposite to Taurus on the Zodiac. This signals the beginning of a new manner of relating that will take you all the way to November 2018. During the next 13 months, you can expect a deepening of your existing relationship and a better understanding of the power dynamics contained within them.

October will also find you in the midst of redefining what you need to feel happy and content. Your perspective has evolved considerably in the last 6 months and your needs have changed with that perspective shift. Of course, your relationships play a big role in this equation, and your ability to ask for what you need is closely linked to your level of contentment. Living with ambiguity is not your strong point and you would rather have things well-defined and clear. People close to you might have been less than collaborative in the past several months, and getting a straightforward answer nearly – impossible. October should help considerably in this regard, and you will start to see exactly what others are willing to invest in you. You can expect an easier flow of communication, especially in your personal relationships. If you’ve avoided talking about a difficult issue with someone, the latter half of October will support you in airing things out.

The Sun is now exactly six months away from where it was when you were born. This means that you might not have the same level of energy, or it could be that you naturally need more down time. Adjust your pace and find the foods that nourishes you and provides your body with heat and vitality. Paying attention to your internal rhythms and adjusting your schedule in consequence should help you sail through the month of October without too many inconveniences.


The month of October begins with a Full Moon in Aries on the 5th, which highlights your contribution within your community. You have reached the end of a project, and you may receive praise for your hard work and see your efforts rewarded. Teamwork was a big part of this process; acknowledge your teammates and celebrate your achievements together. This completion should also bring a fresh sense of possibilities and confidence in regards to what you can do.

The second week of October should bring a long-awaited answer or clarity around an issue that has bothered you for some time. This could range from a legal matter to a relationship issue that has been dragging out for too long. Regardless of what comes up during this time, the revelations are sure to create a ripple effect and change your perspective considerably on the matter which will help you move forward. Power struggles are possible around the 9th and 10th and people could be looking for a fight; avoid confrontations and stay away from manipulative tactics.

This month will support your on-going process of eliminating stressors and finding creative ways to deal with anxiety. Do not let tension build up to the point where it affects your health; Finding pro-active solutions to deal with your stress could be as easy as cutting the sugar from your diet or starting a new project. You can choose to be busy for the sake of being busy and possibly create more stress, OR you can choose to be busy with something that will bring long-term rewards. Detaching yourself from people’s drama will also help you relax considerably. Even though you are well-intentioned, remember that it is not your responsibility to carry everyone’s burdens. You can regroup by letting go of your need to be all things for all people. It might seem daunting to put your foot down but you will not get the respect you deserve as long as you let others step all over you; learn to assert yourself clearly to avoid misunderstandings.

The New Moon in Libra at the end of the month will support the renewal of leisurely activities in your life. Give yourself permission to create more time for hobbies that excite the kid in you. As we get older, we burdened ourselves with so many responsibilities that we often forget to let go and make space for plain old fun. You’ve worked hard in the last year at being a dutiful, responsible and diligent adult. This New Moon is your cue to bring more pleasure, romance and down-time into your life. Other people are part of this equation and this New Moon in Libra is your signal to set fresh intentions around relationships. Let go of your cynicism and let optimism permeate your vision. Make room for fresh air to enter this part of your life and trust that all the work you have done on yourself this year will bear fruit and bring new and exciting people into your periphery.


The beginning of the month finds you in a vague trance or reverie with your attention tuned on a distant world. It’s hard to say exactly what you are contemplating in this liminal space, but your mind is comfortable there. You might feel like spending all of your time in conversation with your muse, but the brightness of the Full Moon in Aries on the 5th will surely pull you out of your comfort zone and onto more pressing matters. Stress associated with work is possible, and you might have to contend with some unforeseen elements or frustrations. The Full Moon highlights the division you feel at the moment between your private life and the compromise needed to make a living. There are no easy solutions but careful and deliberate planning will work wonders this month. You have reached a saturation point with some elements of your career and you will need to make a decision in regards to where you are heading. You could be craving more financial autonomy and you have all the creative potential and skills to do so; you only need to start courageously walking in that direction.

Balancing the demands of your partnerships is a work in progress, and you should get many opportunities in October to practice the give and take needed to sustain healthy connections. An essential ingredient for successful relating is the ability to listen; it creates a space where the other person feels comfortable enough to speak freely. You, dear Cancer, have no problem with this part of the job, and we can easily say that you are a natural facilitator when it comes to making others open up. Your nurturing dispositions allow you to create a zone where people feel safe enough to be their vulnerable self. This is your super power and it is a mighty one; you are like a feather bed for the broken and a nourishing meal for the hungry. The question is: are you getting the same treatment in return? This month I want you to turn your formula upside down and practice asking for what you need. You will be amazed at what comes up in the process, and you might also be surprise at how readily others are willing to listen.

The New Moon in Libra on the 19th contains a surprise element which promises to awaken the deepest of sleepers. For you, it could mean a curve ball coming your way either on the home front or at work. The best way to handle this New Moon is by staying flexible and be ready to improvise with whatever comes up. The last week of October should be pleasant with an emphasis on relationships and your base of operation. At the end of the day, you will need a quiet space to retire to. Without this space, your energy level will decrease. Recommit to creating a peaceful haven for yourself, even if that space is temporary. It might seem like a minor detail, but this delicate equilibrium will ensure the success of your current projects.


The Full Moon on October 5th illuminates the part of your chart that has to do with long distance travel, voyages and journeys that take us to unfamiliar territory. Your ruler, the Sun, is slowly losing its light here in the Northern Hemisphere and you might be craving more heat. You could find yourself longing for something far, something just outside of your reach, and not easily accessible. It could also be that you are in the midst of planning a trip, or reaching some sort of culmination in regards to an educational process. Whatever is going on in your life, this Full Moon shines her light on the road ahead. Long term goals will be on your mind, and you can start to clearly envision how to proceed. You could be feeling bold and impulsive and crave an immediate escape from your surroundings, but careful deliberation will show you otherwise.

Much of your October will be spent tying up loose ends. This could mean lots of phone calls, writing emails, and sorting out your finances. There are many opportunities available to you at this time, and it is more a matter of keeping your focus on the task at hand than launching bold new impulsive plans. You could be tempted to skip the tedious process of planning and budgeting, but your efforts to do so will pay off. You are starting to see the external results of a long and arduous creative process which is opening new doors for you. Until mid-October, Venus and Mars in Virgo in the financial sector of your chart is your key to the proper management of your assets. It could also speak to possible money-making opportunities being presented to you through your various connections.  Do not turn down social engagements or partnerships that could be lucrative. The New Moon in Libra on October 19th will come to reaffirm those possible partnerships and your desire to team up on an upcoming venture. You will need patience for the inherent volatility contained within one of these partnerships, but if you stay flexible you should be able to get what you want.

The last week of October signals the beginning of a new developing stage for you in regards to your sense of authority. Next year will bring many opportunities to step into a leadership role more actively. With all great power comes great responsibilities, and you will need to carefully reflect on what authority and influence means to you. The visibility that comes from being in a leadership role also means you are more exposed; the good bits as well as the darker parts. Here are some questions to begin your quest into the high grounds: Where do you fetch your powers? Are they coming from a contaminated well, or a crystalline spring? If there is any residual gunk at the core of your being inherited from past family dynamic or childhood, this next year will challenge you to meet them.


This month, you hold the secret of combining work and pleasure; consider making good use of this time. You will also have plenty of opportunities to refine the way you relate and to access your desires more readily. The push and pull and the mechanic of your needs will be obvious, and it should be easy to ask for what you need. What makes you tick will be pronounced, which mean it will also be easier to go after what you want. Any situations where there is an exchange of energy will be emphasized, and you should get plenty of opportunities to refine your bargaining skills. The themes of propriety and ownership, what is yours versus what belongs to others will be highlighted on the Full Moon in Aries of October 5th. Finding an arrangement between your money versus others/what is owed to you will be on the radar. You have an opportunity towards the end of the month to reset your financial stance, but first you need to tackle the long negotiation process to reach an agreement that is connected to shared assets. Keep in mind that you will probably not be able to get everything that you want, and you will most likely have to contend with some surprising elements. You can only control your own reactions in regards to a situation; you are not responsible for someone else’s mess. If you feel like you are being dragged down or depleted by someone else’s dilemmas you probably are. Trust your intuition and re-establish the boundaries that will help you stay level-headed and productive. Remember that before caring for others you must care for your own basic needs. Even though you might be tempted to sacrifice parts of yourself for the people you love remember where that has led you in the past. You need to insure your own health, your own sanity, and solidity before taking on a burden that is not even yours in the first place.

Around mid-October, it should be easy to reconnect with your muse, and this in turn could generate a flow of new and creative ideas. Do not readily dismiss the far-fetched ideas that pops into your mind at this time; write them down. Even though it is a good practice to keep a sense of proportion, it is not by staying in the limiting walls of conformity that we innovate. Following your inspiration could prove to be a lucrative business if you play your cards right. The correct measure of imagination and pragmatism is what you need to reinvent a money-making venture or simply to refresh the existing ones. The New Moon in Libra on the 26 of October invites you to write your own recipe for success. It should at least include one-part revolutionary ideas and one-part confidence in your ability to sustain yourself. Metamorphosis is hard work, but you are already halfway through the process and you can’t stop now.









Sun sign horoscopes cannot replace a proper analysis of your birth chart and transits of the moment. They are meant to be a broad insight into certain time signatures. If you want a more detailed forecast, you can book a reading here. It will be my pleasure to help you unlock and prepare for any upcoming opportunities or challenges. You can also subscribe to my monthly horoscopes here.

*The rising sign is essential in understanding our personal dispositions, please read your Sun sign and Rising sign for extra clarity. Happy explorations!





“Survival is the ability to swim in strange water.”
― Frank Herbert, Dune


If you haven’t noticed, I decided to switch things around and put you first in the line to receive your monthly forecast. That way you don’t have to spend the extra few seconds scrolling passed all the other signs to get to yours. By being number one (even if it’s just for this month) it also keeps you from having to pass by everyone elses ”problems” and run the risk of getting sucked in. This month is about You. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the 8th is in your sign. The Sun will disappear for a moment and re-emerge – signaling the beginning of a new cycle. It will be dark for a moment but it is in the darkness that new life begins. Seeds sprout deep in the soil, away from the harsh and drying sunlight.  This is why it is believed that a New Moon is a good time to set intentions. The eclipse will bring with her some revelations or perhaps a shift that could have some important impact in your life in the next year. It’s also good time to consider where in your life you might have ”eclipsed” yourself and your needs and how you could find some equilibrium. The next 6 months will reveal a lot about partnership and the people you share your light with. There is a shift that is happening now and a story that will unfold and culminate in September. This time could be very energizing and confusing all at once. Focusing on a few important projects instead of spreading your sight in all directions will help you stay on course.


Don’t forget the momentum that you’ve felt around the Virgo Full Moon of February 22nd. Hold on to the vision of future victories in your mind’s eye. You will need a distant light house to get you through the waters of March. You might momentarily forget your crystal clear intentions as ghosts from you past resurfaces to test the dedication you have in moving forward. The Sun will find its heat again in the fires of Aries on the 20th of March. Until then, you are walking on the old battlefield. Mingle with the spirits who resides here. Get to know who, or what, they are so that you can release them. The more you resist the encounters, the more they will have a hold on you. You might as well get it over with. Old heart breaks, failures and self-defeating habits will try to get a hold of you. Acknowledge them for what they are and then let them go. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the 8th is a perfect time to set your intentions around releasing. Bury the dead and realign the helm of your ship.  Be aware of any lingering delusions around dead-end scenarios. But this month is not all about your ghost stories. The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd highlights your partnerships and a possible culmination of a recent team effort. You will find a second wind for your work and projects as the Aries season officially begins.


Your talents have gotten you a lot of praise recently and it’s not over. Expect a month filled with inspiring connections and inspiring people. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the 8th is a good time to set intentions around sharing your bliss and what you love doing. It could also be about bringing more inspirational people in your life so that you can exchange knowledge and ideas. Collaborating on something bigger could prove to be a lot of fun. Step outside of your immediate concern to participate in a collective experience.  In other words go out! A movie, a play or a concert could give you the prefect dose of soul-soothing medicine.  Taureans usually like to have their boundaries delineated but you will have to put your walls down a bit this month. If you don’t do it voluntarily, it will happen anyway and it could be the type of boundary crossing that makes you feel invaded. There could be issues around a collective space that you have to share with others and a need to re-evaluate the situation. Communications should be handled delicately all month. Some people could be extra sensitive or on the defensive. Pay attention to what surfaces in your conversation and adjust your message in accordance. Earth signs like you can be anchors for the more emotionally fragile folks. Practice staying grounded and receptive.  Flexibility will be your best ally all month.


If I had a magical formula that would help you resolve the conflicting dualities you are experiencing, I would give it to you. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that and you have to find your own answers. Perhaps it is also that deep down you love contradictions because they keep you on your toes? Either way you have done your fair share of weight lifting in the recent months and I am wondering if you noticed your muscles getting bigger? With all the questions you have asked yourself, you should really start to know exactly what it is that you want. You are also very aware of what is lacking or what you can’t have at the moment and that might be why it’s challenging.  Instead of focusing on the missing elements, maybe this month you can take stock of your blessings?  The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the 8th is connecting you to your career or your social/public standing. You can bring significant changes that will have long-lasting effects but you have to discriminate between your fantasies and what is possible. Cultivating awareness of your inherent dualities and the narrative you tell yourself will help sort out your priorities. The greatest opportunities are found in adversity. Focus on your talents and all the tools that you have in your arsenal. Reality is stranger than fiction and you will be amazed at what you can set in motion with a little elbow grease.


The month begins with the distant calls of sirens, luring you towards nebulous territories. Since you are a natural dreamer with a rich fantasy life, this might not seem out of the ordinary.  I would still take advantage of the first half of the month to renew with your love of dreaming. Connect with your muse.  Let her guide you to the hidden treasures that your imagination holds.  I would suggest that you keep a pen and paper handy so that you can write down the incoming waves of inspiration. Exploring uncharted territory will not suffice.  You will need to translate your experiences. And that might be the difficult part. You might be tempted to bask in the glory of the indefinable emotions you experience and surrender to the immensities. However you will need to retrieve the treasures you find and bring them back. Connect to what you know in your heart to be true and take the first step towards aligning with that truth. Even if it is just a baby step. Find the proper vehicle for your revelations. If you had to give a physical shape to your dreams, what shape would you give to them? What material do you have available to you right now that would help you? Work with what you have. Expect the pace of things to pick up around the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd. There may be a culmination of a recent project you’ve been working on. You could receive some praise for your contribution in your career. It looks like the end of the month will be very busy for you.


Recently, you have let all sorts of old insecurities take center stage in your mind.  They crawled up, uninvited and made themselves comfortable, pretending that this is their rightful place.  Your imagined downfalls, your flaws and fears have nagged you; starved for attention. What you might not have realised is that they are mere shadows and that your apparent loss of power is but a trick of the light. Don’t be fooled! You have already conquered them all. These ghosts are testing your resilience. They are not making you weaker, they are making you stronger by reminding you how far you have come.  They are directly connecting you to your power and helping you surpass yourself.  The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the 8th is asking you to exorcise remnants of these old narratives you might still be telling yourself.  Be very clear about who you are and what you are made of. Let them know that there is no space in your life for anything but solid goodness.  The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd brings the completion of a process that started about 2 years ago. You can close that chapter and expect a new one to begin soon. Be flexible about what is possible. This month, you are crossing a bridge and it’s up to you to visualise what is on the other side. Be ready to move forward with your head high and an open heart. Be ready to reclaim your rightful place.


The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the 8th is connecting you to your partnerships, what you are getting from them and what you wish you were getting from them. Discriminate between realistic expectations and fantasy. Are your expectations too high and are you constantly disappointed by what others deliver?  Or is it that you expect too little and you undervalue yourself and your needs? It could also be a little bit of both. Plant your seeds. What is your vision of a healthy relationship? The give and take dynamic between 2 people doesn’t mean sacrificing your integrity. There is a certain amount of pressure right now to get to know your own needs. There is an emphasis on bringing health and vitality to you first. You are learning to delineate your boundaries and are experimenting between give and take. You need to find the perfect dosage and write down your recipe. This process might take some time but you already have a pretty good idea of the ingredients you need. One of the essential ingredients of course is: communication. We cannot expect others to telepathically anticipate our needs. We have to be able to articulate them.  Often that is the tricky part. Misunderstanding happens when we tell a story in our heads and then assume that the other person heard us. We even react to others with the assumption that they know exactly where we are coming from. Good relationships don’t get built on assumption. Observe your interaction with others and see how your messages are received;  I bet you this experiment will be a very enlightening.


The New Moon/Solar eclipse on the 8th is a great opportunity to bring back some well needed attention to your physical and mental well-being. You don’t need to go completely overboard with this.  In fact, just a small barely noticeable adjustment to your routine could bring huge results down the road. One of my good friend was recently telling me about the  concept of Kaizen which is the japanese word for ”improvement” or ”change for better”. One of the most notable features of kaizen is that big results come from many small changes accumulated over time.(1) The emphasis is on the process and not the result.  If you had to make one small adjustment to your routine to feel more vibrant, what would it be? What small step would you be willing to take to bring more vitality and health to your body? It could be as simple as taking 5 minutes a day to focus on your breath. Making ambitious resolution is very noble but it can also be discouraging when life gets in the way.  The beauty of Kaizen is that power lies in the minor adjustments.  Since it doesn’t disturb your daily flow, the changes are barely noticeable. Overtime those small changes become more and more noticeable. In other news, the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd is in Libra.  It could signal the culmination of a relationship or a process that started about 2 years ago. A New chapter is about to begin.


Until the end of June one of your primary focuses will be on gathering the resources you need for your master plan.  If you don’t have a master plan (which would be really surprising because you’re a Scorpio) I would suggest you formulate one. Dream big but remain fully aware of the work and the assets you will need to realise your goals. Keep in mind that you will likely need to step outside of your comfort zone to get there. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the 8th could be carrying with her old memories. You might have to take resolutions about something from your past that keep showing up but that belong to another time in your life. There will be ample opportunities this month to heal old standing issues. But don’t get stuck in the hurt trying to cover it up with a stoic demeanor. Find the medicine or in some case: poison that you need and take it. The important part is that you move through the month with a complete awareness of why you do what you do. The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd will bring with her some form of completion and the work you have done in the last 2 years to uncover the ways in which you undermine your success will start paying off. You are aware of your darkness and more willing than ever to coexisted with your shadow.  You can finally close an old chapter that has dragged on too long and focus on your master plan.


It looks like you might have the drive and the steam to work hard this month.  You are about to receive a triple dose of will-power to fire up your engines and whatever you are working on will benefit from this dose of vitality. You might feel like re-inventing the wheel but I would guard you against such a foolish enterprise. Be mindful of where you decide to invest your energy because it might come back to bite you later.  Discriminating and prioritising are your new best friends. It’s not that you can’t do it all. But be aware that what begins now will take longer to complete than you think. Discriminate between what is possible and perhaps what needs to stay in the realm of fantasies for now. Knowing where you want to invest your time and energy will keep you from draining your batteries and will help you have the staying powers in whatever project you are working on. You might feel enthusiastic about many ideas but prioritising is essential if you don’t want to get overwhelmed by responsibilities down the road. Save yourself the headache and differentiate between the people who are worth collaborating with and the ones who may not be reliable. This might not sound like much fun but actually this is a period in your life when you can get a lot done and reach new grounds. You have the discipline, the guts and the stamina. That is why it is even more important to be wise about where you invest your time and energy.


With Spring on the way, the urge for renewal is increasing for all us. The trees are ready to release their sweet waters and it is the contrast of cold nights and warm days that trigger the flowing of the sap. Birch sap is commonly used here in the North for it’s diuretic and purifying properties. The sap taste like water but it contains vitamins, proteins, amino acids, sugars and enzymes. It helps the body detoxify toxins accumulated during the winter months, also  eliminating toxins that only the liver can process. The reason I am telling you about the birch is because I think you could learn a lot from this tree right now. You have an abundance of sweet juices accumulated that are ready to be released into the wild/world. If you wait any longer these sweet juices might start fermenting into an intoxicating brew. Now would be prime time to nourish others with your unique properties. I was also thinking that you could probably use a dose of your own medicine at the same time. Before the end of the month, I would suggest you clarify, detoxify and purify your internal and external space. The medicine or ingredient you need to do that is within you. You hold the key to your sense of ease and it has to do with releasing, letting go, surrendering to the natural movement/flow that wants to happen.


You might be blissfully unaware of what is happening around you right now. We could say that you are focus on the task at hand, dealing with the daily grind and doing what needs to be done. It’s not that nothing is happening in your life but I have a feeling that you are one of the most equipped to deal with a crisis at the moment. The world could crumble around you, i think you  would still keep all of your faculties. Your ability to deal with stressful situations was seriously tested in the last few years but now, nothing can surprise you. Your peace comes with a deep understanding that you cannot control everything, and you are fine with that. You know where you stand but it might be the people around you who create some drama this month. Be ready to deal with external fluctuations and temperature changes from scorching heat to freezing cold. I don’t mean this literary of course, but some of the situations that arise this month are not definitive. Use your own discretion on how you want to deal with them but keep an objective stance if you can. Things are not completely as they seem, there will be changes made down the road so there is no need to jump to conclusion.  Be careful about quick fix solutions or something/someone who seems to good to be true: it/they probably is/are. The end of the month brings a flurry of activity, communications and responsibilities. Projects that begins now might take a lot more time than you think.  Keep that in mind before you sign up for anything.





(1) https://www.kaizen.com/about-us/definition-of-kaizen.html